127 | Partakers of My Blessings

March 25, 2010
Thursday, 9:00 p.m.
Letter #127: Partakers of My Blessings


Dear Family,

Greetings! I’m so grateful for all the love, prayers, and notes of support I receive from so many of you. Thank you for standing with me, especially in the part of my incarceration that has become a ministry to others. As God increases my light in this place, I need your prayers more and more.

Often, this place is such a spiritual war zone that the lines between this world and the next become blurred as demonic forces attack and the devil tries hard to keep men in bondage. But, just as often, God’s children stand for truth and righteousness, even in this place. And God, the great Redeemer, Healer, and King, demonstrates His strength and power over the enemy of our soul. I wanted to give you a few updates on some of the situations I’ve mentioned recently, so you can be partakers of my blessings through your prayers.

Please keep praying for Tony, the guy who has to transfer to another prison and wants to transfer near his mother. Bitter at God, this situation could help him see God as the One who cares more deeply for Tony than anyone.

Please pray for one of my primary “Men in Sight for Christ,” Bernard. This is the old tough guy, a lifer who’s been doing over 35 years on a 7-to-life conviction, with whom I’ve built a friendship. When he disappeared from this yard, I’d prayed to find him, and someone walking in back of me mentioned him. (Remember?)

Since then, my mom found him, supposedly still at this prison. I realized he must have been pulled off the yard for medical reasons, so I got permission from my counselor to write to him. Receiving a short note back from him today, he was so grateful for my concern for him and explained that he’d been in an outside hospital on his back with an IV in him for eight weeks.

Now he’s in what’s called the prison infirmary, which is where terminally ill and long-term care prisoners go to receive minimal treatments until they die (according to the chaplain, who just visited there). Since I’d told Bernard I was praying for him, he actually told me thank you and requested that I pray “real hard” for him, saying, “God bless you and your family.”

Well, after many heart attacks and other near-death occurrences, I know God is not finished working in Bernard’s heart yet! I just sent him another note in which I told him that my friends and church family would be praying for him. (Would you, please?) I told him that God is not through trying to prove His love for him yet. I wrote: “He is good to give you your life back, again and again. But, for how long, Bud? Take time to talk to Him. You know He just wants you to give your life to Him.” Pray!

Back in October, an older guy named Ed asked for prayer for his two sisters, one with H1N1 flu, and the other with stage-four cancer. We all prayed, believing for their healing. I put them on my daily prayer list, where I pray for each of the men who have ever dropped by our yard Bible Study group (Ed is a regular attender when he’s not working; a former pastor, he has been incarcerated for more than 30 years). Two months later, we received word that his one sister no longer had the H1N1 virus. Praise God!

We rejoiced and cried out to our great Healer to work on Patricia’s behalf, his other sister. I spoke many times about our faith being something where we can clearly see the day when Patricia is healed. On that day, we all committed to be faithful to proclaim God’s glory. Therefore, I have an obligation before God to testify that He has faithfully and miraculously worked on my behalf! Patricia, after a recent relapse, went in for a check-up. The specialists could find no trace of cancer anywhere in her body! She had told her brother to prepare for her death, and Ed had told her no, that Jesus was going to heal her. We serve a great God! He is faithful and loves to show it! I love you all.