12 | Bible Study

April 2, 2008
Wednesday, 8:00 p.m.
Letter #12: Bible Study


Dear Family,

Greetings! I hope this letter finds you well and blessed! I’m doing well, and I can definitely feel the strength and power of God through the prayers of so many on my behalf. Thank you!

I was at a “dayroom” yesterday (the one hour of “free time” we get sometimes four days a week). Some get haircuts; some watch TV or play cards or chess. A small group of men (5–6) gather around one of the tables for Bible Study. Each time, one of us has prepared a short devotional to lead the study, and we all chip in what God gives us to share. We bring our prayer requests and our praises and begin and end with prayer. What a needed time of refreshment!

So, yesterday, I noticed an older guy sitting by himself. He’d glanced over at us, so I motioned him over and gave him my seat, as I knelt next to him at the table. It turns out that he believes in God, but like so many others of us who put God last as we live for SELF, he’d drifted away from God. He has a Bible but “doesn’t read it much.”

I found out that he had just moved to our upper tier the day before, so I encouraged him to begin reading his Bible and join our tier’s Bible Study each “dayroom” time. He shared at the end how blessed he felt, and how he just knew God was speaking to him, that it was no accident he was there. No kidding.

He was transferred to a completely different dorm that night. It was a great reminder to me to shine the Light of Christ wherever I am and whenever I can! We need to keep planting the Seed and trust that God will use us in His timing. Pray for “D” Mason, that God uses him to bless others where he’s at!

Take time read His Word—today!