3 | Getting Settled

March 5, 2008
Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.
Letter #3: Getting Settled


Dear Family,

Hiya, Folks! Life is good right now. I just spent about $53 on some much-needed items and a few not-so-needed. Tops on my list: writing stuff. I bought five pencils with erasers, two whole notepads of this yellow lined paper, a box of fifty envelopes, and fifty stamps! Yippee!

I haven’t minded trading food for writing supplies, but the method was always uncertain, and I’d grown tired of making notes on scraps of old newspaper. I’m grateful for these and other necessities, such as hygiene items, and ten glorious servings of hot chocolate (yes, I splurged). Simple pleasures, sure, but writing has become a mainstay of my new life. Also, the more organized I can keep myself (strips of newspaper = difficult), the more focused and productive I can become.

This letter will be kinda short, since I’m going to stop as soon as they release me for programs. The mail typically gets collected for the day BEFORE the 4:00 a.m. breakfast is served, so I need to start getting my letters in by the evening program. I can be flexible.

I’ve decided (for now) that an email blast to limited recipients is better than a blog that could be searched by anyone and everyone. I’m sending separate letters to people I know, but I’m going to let those who choose to be in a relationship with me happen naturally. I’m not bitter, resentful, angry, or on my period. I just have EXTREMELY limited resources at my disposal to do things the right way, and I’m working on it! I’m thinking that once a week or twice a month would be nice. I’ll start making some of them more about what God is teaching me, so there will be a mix of newsy, humorous, and preachy.

I’d still like to get prayer requests from each of you or even weekly schedules so I can pray for you at specific times, when you need it most.

I’m storing up some gems from my roommate, which I’ll also include in my next letter. I love you all! Kiss the babies, hug the women, and slap around the guys for me. Remember to be in constant prayer for Mark during these tough weeks of trial in the Coast Guard’s Boot Camp. He’s gonna do awesome. Tell him I love him.