302 | Prayers Get Answered

November 3, 2013
Sunday, 8:30 p.m.
Letter #302: Prayers Get Answered


Dear Family,

What an exciting week this has been for me! Ha! Just kidding—not much excitement happens around here, which is why I’m grateful for my God who does the impossible, the spectacular, the miraculous. He makes life exciting, regardless of the surroundings. And truly, I have much more than others do, much more than I deserve, much more than I need. I have more peace, more comfort, more family, more friends, more stuff. I have a relationship with the Creator of the universe who loves me! “The Lord is my Shepherd; I have all that I need.” (Psalm 23:1, NLT)

This awareness of how greatly I am blessed increases in light of others’ tragedies and circumstances. Visiting third world countries was sobering. Making friends with paraplegics was humbling. Watching natural disasters take all of someone’s earthly possessions—or their family—is troubling. Knowing so many in my current neighborhood whose loved ones have abandoned them (or is it that they have abandoned their loved ones?) is life-changing. My perspective of gratefulness for all I have is primarily due to my first-hand knowledge of others who don’t have many of the blessings I have. There is only one appropriate response to this, besides a thankful heart toward the One who provides all I need:

Prayer. For the past few years I have kept a prayer list. Many of you who read these weekly letters are on that list. If you have ever written me with a need for prayer, it is on that list. Many people I’ve never met—friends of yours, loved ones of yours, etc.—have found their way onto that list. And, as I have spent time with the Lord regarding the names and needs on the list, my heart is moved. I actually care about the needs represented, and I know my God is able to supply every need according to His riches in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

I serve a faithful God, but His servant isn’t as faithful as He is. While He is constantly moving on behalf of His children, His kids don’t always think of Him and plot ways to follow His will. Busyness (yes, even in here, that vicious master can rule one’s day), discouragement, and self-will can easily sidetrack me from well-intentioned prayer. Faithful in prayer would be a humbling epitaph, and it certainly makes for a noble goal in this life. But, though passionate in my requests to God as I have been, I have not always faithfully set aside the time my Savior desires, so that I could get to know Him and let Him know the desires of my heart, which is blessings for those in need. And yet He still delights to meet those needs. My God is great. His faithfulness is not dependent on mine! Proof came this last Friday.

My dear “in-laws” of sorts, Kory and Sonshine, have been a matter of much seeking the Lord on my part. Our entire family has lifted them up for God to provide them with godly children. For years since being in their home and knowing their desire to raise up a godly generation, I’ve prayed. I’ve cried, fasted, enlisted others in prayer, and prayed some more. I can’t imagine the health issues they’ve faced, endured, overcome, and faced again. Remaining faithful to what God had placed in their hearts, these servants kept seeking God’s will for their family, hoping and praying for it to grow. We’ve all wanted the joy of a child for them.

Friday, my cellie was out when I received a letter telling me that God has answered “Yes!” to their prayers for a child—they are more than three months along! In the face of such overwhelming love and majesty—my Creator reminding me that He still works miracles—I sobbed, thanking God over and over. He is worthy of our praise! Ahh, the excitement of serving a living God who cares for His kids and faithfully supplies in His time! Please pray for this little one!