5 | I Guess God Didn’t Forget About …

March 8, 2008
Saturday, 9:30 p.m.
Letter #5: I Guess God Didn’t Forget About …


Dear Family,

Hi, everyone! Today was one of those “Wow, I just love all the great advantages of being incarcerated!” days, mainly because we’ve been on facility lockdown all stinkin’ day. Which means that one of us losers, somewhere in this vast facility, decided his life of non-excitement and restriction wasn’t quite as non-exciting or restricting as he liked. So, he had to go break some rule, try to escape, or whatever, and they slap all of us with no program time and complete lockdown.

This is the incarceration equivalent of being sent to your room … all day. However, I’ve learned not to set my affections, emotions, or expectations on things that can be taken away! (Okay, a great sound-bite, I know, but at least I’m learning that principle!) So, I found great joy in reading the fresh, living Word of God today, working on writing projects, and enjoying the best visit ever from both of my sweet parents!

So, I was reading *NEWS FLASH* [I just returned to my humble abode after a two-HOUR program time! The first group was “too noisy,” so the woman C.O. (my favorite)  🙁  locked them back down after two minutes out. We got our time and theirs. Praise God!] my Bible this morning. For my early morning devotions I usually read five Psalms and one chapter from Proverbs.

Today had me reading Psalm 68, and the Lord really ministered to me with Psalm 68:6: “… He bringeth out those which are bound with chains … ,” for two reasons. The first way it blessed me is the obvious one, in that I am so grateful because of God working through prayers and the gifts of His people, to be going home someday. (These institutions will never be “home,” just where I live. Home is where the woman you love lives!)

The other way that verse blessed me was that God is “bringing me out” spiritually during this time that I am “bound with chains.” It took this circumstance for me to turn completely to God. Being completely honest, I haven’t turned completely to Him yet, but I’m headed in that direction. It’s gonna be a long process of letting Him search and sift every part of my life until I’m wholly His.

I guess God decided to take me up on my offer to be used completely in His service for as long as He wants. I’d made that commitment to Him several different times in my life, and I guess He didn’t forget about it. (And I was totally willing to go to Africa too!) I have a sneaking suspicion that these 15 years isn’t all He’s going to want from me either. I’m sure He’ll be preparing me for additional ministry when I’m out too.

What an awesome surprise treat it was to have Mommy and Daddy visit me today, especially on a day when I was on “facility lockdown” status. It was so great to see the sweetest parents ever. I love the both of you so much, and it is an incredible thing to feel your love and support. I know this has been hard on you, and I’m sure it’s not going to be much easier for a while, so it is meaningful to me that you both care about me in so many ways.

I loved seeing you, and you know you are welcome anytime.  🙂  My staff of servants was unusually polite today, so I’m glad your experience wasn’t as “special” as Katie’s. Sometimes they forget to wake up with their cheerful faces on. What can you do, though? It’s so tough to find good help these days.

Daddy, I’m so glad you’re really applying yourself to the United First Financial business! I know you’ll do incredibly well at it, and I’m praying daily for your success! I’m planning to help you—as much as I can—to get a jump start, using my contacts. I’ll also be writing scripts for you. Once I get transferred, I’ll be wanting to have you send me as many UFF materials as you can, so I can stay informed and current with it all. This should be a fun adventure!

A couple requests: I’d like to have the birth dates of everyone in my extended family and in-law families, please. Anniversaries, too, please.

Don’t write on the flaps of envelopes. I don’t usually end up seeing them. 🙁

I’d like to receive either pages of hymns or piano music for worship songs, so I can be sure to remember all that good stuff and so I can use them in my worship time.

I love you all, and I’m praying for each of you daily.