93 | Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo

July 23, 2009
Thursday, 7:30 p.m.
Letter #93: Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo


Dear Family,

Greetings! So much has happened this week, and God’s hand of guidance has been so evident throughout! I am blessed!

I came back from visiting my mother on Saturday to find that Jammer (the pagan) was no longer in my cell. Gone also were the charts on occult practices, the history of the pentagram, and the Witches’ Creed, among other delightfully fun items you’d find around the house. Jammer finally got the cell move he’d been trying to get for a couple weeks, so I was glad for him.

Instead of moving James upstairs with me, however, I got a young guy who was due to be transferred early Tuesday morning. A baby Christian, he was a delight to me for the two days he was with me. I read the Bible with him and encouraged him in the faith.

On Tuesday, I had the cell all to myself—a rare blessing, especially after living for a year with someone who never left the cell except for mealtimes. (This is considered extremely rude in prison ethics. You’re supposed to give your cellie “cell time” to himself.)

I took the chance to get much accomplished with my studies and organize all my stuff. I’d trusted God to get the move with James done in His timing.

At our Bible Study on Friday, a man named Oscar had shared a testimony of God healing him so that he no longer needed gallbladder surgery. I’d seen him in the visiting room and asked him to share the testimony with Mommy, which he enthusiastically did. Just as he’d entrusted his health into God’s hands, I figured I could trust God to provide me a good cellie—James—in His time.

On Tuesday afternoon, a bunch of guys from Building 1 came into our building, carting all their earthly possessions. (Building 1 is being emptied—the gym is already empty—in preparation to bring prisoners from another yard in. Our building is next.) I saw a couple of the guys heading up the stairs, and I got a bit concerned that one of them would become my cellie, so I sat back down at my desk and resumed my schoolwork.

Soon, the door to my cell cracked open and slid back on its track. I swiveled slowly on the metal seat and caught the shocked eyes of none other than Oscar looking back at me. Simultaneously, we laughed.

The past few days have been a true blessing of fellowship and debate. He’s a new Christian (1½ years) and has a strong heart for God and a desire to make Him known. He’s picked my brain about everything and humbly receives what I tell him. For example, the Lord convicted him that he should write a letter of apology to his fiancé’s father for “stealing” her (he wasn’t a Christian at the time) and taking her heart. He’s reading a book Katie sent me about Biblical courtship: When God Writes Your Love Story. I’m grateful for Oscar’s friendship and the fact that he spends all day, every day on the yard at the Pentecostal Bible Study, giving me plenty of cell time.  🙂  God is good!

A specific, rather selfish prayer request for me, please: the rumor is that inmates with my custody level (Close A) will NOT be allowed to transfer next door to Soledad’s California Training Facility. We would likely be transferred far away to “SAT-F” or “Corcoran.” My biggest desire has always been to be located as close as possible to all of you, my sweet family.

Salinas Valley and CTF/Soledad are by far the closest to San Jose, so I’m very blessed to be here. I know that God can do an amazing miracle and take me to Soledad, no matter what, and I also know that He can bless me, no matter where I go. I’m willing to do what He wants and go where He wants. I’ve already finished my One-Year Close A required custody level, but I’m supposed to go to committee in order to drop to “Close B,” and committee for me supposedly can’t take place until September, at the earliest. James has to stay “Close A” for yet another four years! Again, I just want peace, and I want to be where God wants me to be!

Thank you for being willing to pray about this for me! I love you all so much!